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  • 28/01/2014

    Venezia Ricerche is partner of EU-funded GUIDEnano project (EU FP7; www.guidenano.eu) lead by the LEITAT.  

    The main objective of GUIDEnano Project is to develop innovative methodologies to evaluate and manage human and environmental health risks of nano-enabled products, considering the whole product life cycle.

    A strategy to identify hot spots for release of nanomaterials (NMs) will be followed by decision trees to guide on the use of (computational) exposure models and, when necessary, design of cost-effective strategies for experimental exposure assessment. These will include on-site and off-site monitoring of industrial processes, use, accelerated aging, recycling and disposal set-ups. The CVR is leader of WP3 - Life cycle of NM-enabled products, with regard to identify hot spots for NM release and to propose safer-by-design approaches aimed to reduce NM migration from nano-enabled products’ life cycle.

    The project has started on november 2013 and the duration is of 42 months.

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